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Hi! I'm Lyndall. I guess I have always been a bit different. When I was 7 years old, I used to climb to the top of my backyard swing set and stick my head up as high as I could to feel the fresh air on my face and in my hair. I wanted to "follow the colors of the wind" (from Pocahauntas). I already yearned for that freedom life.

When I was 22, I booked a one-way ticket to Samoa. I had just graduated college. I had completed my mom's dream, now it was time to go after mine. I traveled to some incredible places and met so many great friends from all over the world. It was great. Travel is never a waste of money!

I ended up on Nias Island, off of Sumatra, in Indonesia. I arrived as a solo surf tourist, and ended up marrying a local and staying nearly 8 years! I built a life there, on my own terms, surrounded by jungle and with the best wave in the world on my doorstep.

There came a point where Nias was no longer my dream, and it was time to move onto the next chapter of my life. My husband and I moved to Bali, and I fell in love all over again with this new island! You should always choose to live in a place where your heart feels full and excited everyday.



















Lyndall surfing

Lucky I didn't listen to them. I felt a strong urge to learn more about this business opportunity.

I started putting more energy into improving my mindset. I joined the Free Life Movement and suddenly had a whole community of like-minded people from all over the world supporting me and relating to everything I was going through. I listened to Abraham Hicks podcasts. I started meditating for 15 minutes each morning. I was introduced to gratitude, and began feeling grateful for all the wonderful things in my life.

I felt my self-confidence increasing daily. My relationship with my husband began improving steadily (it had been at a pretty low point). I worked my way through the School of Marketing, learning more and more about starting my own online business each day.
The momentum kept rolling, and within a couple of months, I felt like a different person. My previous limiting beliefs were gone. I knew I could not only do this, but this was going to be a huge turning point in my life. I was taking that first step towards financial freedom.

I also had some health issues that I had been battling for years. 3.5 years prior I had been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism, Graves disease, which is an autoimmune disorder that doctors usually describe as being permanent, but managed by a lifetime of prescription pills.

That's where I came across the Free Life Movement.

When I first found this opportunity, I was overcome by countless limiting beliefs about myself. I told myself I am not a salesperson. I can't sell things online. Who would buy from me? Other people enforced those fears. My own family only confirmed my doubt by telling me I do not have the 'salesman personality'. 

Lyndall waterfall

Some of the symptoms I experienced were heart palpations, hand tremor, exhaustion at times, anxiety, brain fog, heat/cold sensitivity, abnormal menstrual cycle, vertigo, dry eyes, swollen thyroid. I was still living a good life, but I hadn't felt 100% for a long time.

I discovered Medical Medium and read his book about healing the thyroid naturally. His book spoke to me. Until this point, I hadn't realized the effect that doctors had had on me. It was quite huge being told that I have an autoimmune disease; my own body is attacking itself, this is my fault.

Medical Medium claims that autoimmune disease is a myth. The body never attacks itself. He claims that the true cause of most autoimmune diseases is a virus, and it is possible to cure yourself through healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle.

I immediately gave up eating a lot of foods that I had been eating daily. I gave up eggs, dairy, gluten, seafood (high in heavy metals), and soy. I started drinking celery juice every morning on an empty stomach. Within a few months, I was feeling better, but still not 100%. A piece of the puzzle was still missing.

That's when I started drinking Kangen water. I'm excited to share each step of my journey with you. I'm not going to lie and say Kangen has fixed all my problems. And as I said before, Kangen water is one piece of the puzzle, not the magic cure all. But we are made of about 60% water, so I imagine it was a large piece of my puzzle. I have only just begun drinking Kangen water. I do believe in this water completely, and I am excited to see how my health may transform in the coming months, and I can't wait to share it with you!

I'd love to help you start living your best life and introduce you to a life of abundance. 

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