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Why I Started

My Online Business

I was looking for a way to continue living abroad while earning an income. I knew a better life existed than the typical 9 to 5 for 40 years. I wanted a life of adventure and freedom. I knew how to live on an extremely tight budget, but I was ready to upgrade from my days of roughing-it. I searched through a lot of different online possibilities, but nothing ever felt right, until I found the Free Life Movement.

This community has changed my life in the most beautiful way! I have a new-found confidence that my friends can't help but notice. The world around me hasn't changed, but the way I look at it has. Everything is always working out for me. Remember that.  I don't work for money. Money works for me.

photo of Lyndall Edmonds Buulolo

My Story

I'm Lyndall. I grew up in California but developed a passion for travel and yearning to see more of the world very young. I started surfing when I was 14 and that gave me even more motivation to travel to tropical islands that didn't require a wetsuit. I worked hard as an ocean lifeguard and saved my money. When I was 18 I took my first trip without my parents to Fiji. It was life-changing, and just the beginning of my travel addiction. I graduated University with a degree in Business Management, but had no interest in searching for a typical 9 to 5 office style job. I was doing quite the opposite, planning my departure from the US! I booked a one-way ticket to Samoa and left with a backpack and surfboard bag and a plan to travel the world until my money ran out. I ended up on Nias Island in Indonesia. It was remote, tropical, and the drive from the airport to the horseshoe shaped bay at the southern tip of the island gave me such a strong feeling of adventure and alignment. I ended up marrying a local and staying 8 years.
I was already manifesting my dreams before I even knew what that meant. I now live on Bali Island and run my own business completely online. I work whatever hours I choose, and have the freedom to travel whenever I want. I genuinely love helping others take the steps to chase their own dreams and giving them the tools to make it happen. I work with an incredible group of motivated women (and men) who are supportive and encouraging. They offer a training platform that will give you every single tool that you could possibly need to succeed in this business.

The Free Life Movement came to me at the exact time I needed it, as it usually does. Through it I have re-gained confidence in myself and transformed my mind into a beautiful positive force that is always working in my favor. I can't wait to be a part of your journey too!


What do I do online?

Glass of Kangen water

I work with a company called Enagic distributing machines that produce Kangen water.

Kangen water machines are medical-grade in-home water-ionizer machines that produce 7 different levels of custom pH water that is rich in active molecular hydrogen and has powerful antioxidant properties. I am the owner of my own business.

I work completely online through a system of automation. That means people come to me for more information, no cold calls, no hassling family and friends to buy my products.

This is modern sales, and hardly fits the typical sales category since this opportunity will potentially change your life drastically through health benefits, a total shift in mindset, a new business you can run completely online, plus a group of supportive, like-minded people who may even become your new best friends!

Health Benefits

Take Control of Your Health

There have been over 1,000 studies and publications completed on the therapeutic potential of H2, showing it to be beneficial for over 170 disease models. 

Hydrogen has the potential to be therapeutic for virtually EVERY organ!

Business Opportunity

floating on water

Be Your Own Boss

Most of us have been programed with the idea that in order to be rich, you have to work extra hard. I'm here to tell you that this is not always true. You do not need to spend your time working hard to build your boss's dream. It's time to start focusing on your own dreams and building a step-by-step plan to start making it a reality. I will teach you how to work smarter, not harder.

High-Ticket Item

Kangen K8 water ionizer machine

Fabulous Compensation Plan

Affiliate marketing has become a huge opportunity to earn money while sharing a product you truly believe in.

Combine a system of automation (the business runs itself behind the scenes) with a high ticket item, and you could be earning over $1,000 PER SALE!


Success Stories

“We've had multiple five-figure months within the first year - all from the comfort of our van. I am so grateful for the abundance this business provides.”

Natacha and Vincent

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Where to start?

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